About Proforma Innovative Ideas

Steve and Mindy Porter founded Proforma Innovative Ideas in 2004 by joining the Proforma family of companies.  Since 2004, we have grown to serve more than 700 clients across the United States and shipped orders to Beijing, China, Krakow, Poland and almost everywhere in between.  Our clients include large corporations, small businesses, law firms, universities and non-profit organizations.  We pride ourselves in putting the power of the Proforma network to work for our clients and help them leverage our buying power and customer-service expertise to make their projects a success.  

In 2015, Proforma Innovative Ideas joined the Proforma Million Dollar Club.

About Proforma

Gregory P. Muzzillo founded Proforma in 1978 with a college friend. Within one year, the business they started with $200 grew to $250,000 and its client base to more than 300. By 1982, sales reached $1 million and Proforma was named in successive years to Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies - the only company in the business forms industry named to the list twice. 

To continue Proforma's rapid growth, Muzzillo developed the Proforma franchise model in 1986 - a network of independent distributors working together to build marketing clout and strong supplier relationships. This model proved successful, as Proforma, now in its fourth decade, has grown to a $500 million organization.


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